The  creative  signature  of  Diego  Villalba  brings  together  currents  of  style  and  antagonistic  garments,  creating models of unusual beauty radically different. From one same root the models arise branched in various  historical  and  geographical  aesthetics,  unique,  exclusive,  comprising  the  Couture  Collection.  A  fashion tribe that arises from eclecticism.

The history of dress and tribal symbols make up a visual account of past and collective memories. Cuts and  outerwear  are  inspired  by  the  Caraco  jacket,  XVIIIth  Century,  fitted,  accentuating  the  waist  with  asymmetric  curled  ruffles.  The  details  and  applications  contribute  motifs  that  reference  ethnic  tribes, coloured beads meander around the waist, slide over the neck. The neutral tones are rendered warm: ochre, nude, ivory. Intense colours are ethnical reminiscent: African pink, tropical blue and wild green, enhancing, together with the variety of fabrics and textures, the eclectic overtone of the collection.

Guipure and exotic bird feathers, tulle silk, wool and neoprene, raffia, metallic and gummed mesh, lace and  doilies,  rhinestones,  beads,  crystals.  The  garment  par  excellence  that  defines  the  concept  of  the  most feminine of models, the short dress, the long dress, always stands out. The cape, timeless symbol, envelops  and  embraces  the  silhouette  of  the  woman  providing  a  visual  wealth  increased  by  shape;  a  new concept of beauty.

Fashion  and  the  dressing-­‐up  ritual  inspire  ALFREDO  VILLALBA  to  present  a  new  micro-­‐collection  of  handbags and slippers. Cameleón, Arrow and Flippers are the names of the new models that provide the distinctive touch to the fashion tribe, eclectic, of ALFREDO VILLALBA.