Couture Collection Fall Winter 2014/15

ALFREDO   VILLALBA   presents   Urban   Forrest,   the  Fall  Winter   2014   Couture Collection, a collection that carries the patent signature of Diego Villalba, Creative Director of the luxury brand.

A fusion of the classic essentials of Street Style, tribal and urban, with sylvan ingredients. From a tropical forest  exotic  flora  and  fauna  are  printed  in  parkas,  quilted  jackets,  bikers  and  bombers;  hooded outerwear  garments  with visors that camouflage  in the urban forest. Materials  shimmer  with aquatic sparkle and dresses, floral models, glisten. Sport meets luxury; sneakers in the feet and runner shorts in black macramé are coupled to the dresses and mini skirts; metallic and perforated leather, a crossroads between innovation and trend, leading the path towards the new concepts of luxury.

The woman is represented as an Amazon, a powerful warrior, dresses with protective armour and breastplates over delicate fabrics that accentuate her powerful femininity in a game of tones that evoke a  golden,  warm  range.  From  impenetrable  mines,  coloured  crystals  and  metal  are  enshrined  in the models  contouring  the  neck  and  the  hemline,  the  breast,  waist  and  back,  embroidering  radiating patterns.

A collection where antagonistic dress codes come together in perfect balance and harmony, achieving a unique beauty. The result is supreme quality models with maximum visual impact and power, a singular aesthetic  code in tune with the XXIst. Century  that creates trends. ALFREDO  VILLALBA  defines luxury Made in Spain.