ALFREDO VILLALBA presents the Couture Spring Summer 2016 Collection defining the stylistic signature of designer Diego Villalba and summarizing the new criteria for the luxury fashion brand.

The transparent nature of the collection is an ode to the dress that outlines fluid silhouettes and evasée cuts recreating the length of the skirt. Organza, a translucent, opalescent fabric, dresses models that emphasize the waist. The textile structures provide malleable rigidity to the shape. Net and gum mesh insinuate the figure of the woman. Veiled transparencies, subtle and evident in each model, create a pattern, a fashion trend.

Natural colours, mineral, neutral, decline in nude, pink, taupe, green details, golden and crystalline sparkles. Flowers, radiant buds, textile collages, artisan embroidery and applications, studs, crystals, artistic compositions rich in materials cover each model, each couture piece where a translucent nature is evident.

Style icons, women who trespass established dress codes. Marie Antoniette, a rebellious princess that waved the dress protocol of the court of Versailles, condenses the female ideology that transforms into an urban nymph, a chrysalis wrapped in couture pieces distinctive for their allure, fineness of detail and lightness, for their beauty lavishly adorned. A creative recreation that brings together fashion trends from the XVIII Century with streetstyle from the 80’s, recreating Couture concepts with a transgressive vision, translucent.

The office of Atelier Villalba and of designer Diego Villalba, is evident in every model of the Couture Collection. Moulage techniques, draping, embroidery, applications manually positioned and sewn one by one, an enriched version that enhances the handmade craft of fashion. All the pieces of the Couture Collections by ALFREDO VILLALBA are made fully in Atelier Villalba following the strict guidelines set by the establishments of Haute Couture. Exclusive fabrics from specialist weavers in Switzerland, France, Italy. Designs, which are unique, exclusive. A specific feel, crafted and specialized carried out by skilled seamstresses and embroidery artisans. Each model from the Couture Collections carries an average of 300 hours of delicate work only in its preparation.


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